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Step 1 - Meet people with physical disability working in companies

Here you will see the journey of people with physical disability who are working successfully.

Watch this video to understand the challenges faced by Jagdish to get a job.


Watch this 12 minutes video to know the journey of Srinivas.


Watch this 8 minutes video of Deepa Narasimhan who can move only her fingers working in an MNC


Follow this link to know more role models and understand their journey.
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Step 2 - What jobs are done by people with physical disability?

Do you know that persons with physical disability are working in different jobs in many companies?
Do you want to see and understand more about the jobs suitable for you?

In this PDF, you will see many examples of persons with physical disability working in different jobs

Here you will be able to match your education and skills and see the different jobs available for you
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Step 3 - What companies feel about hiring people with disabilities?

Do you want to know what companies feel about hiring people with disabilities? Let us listen to managers from companies.

Watch this 10 minutes video to see why Thomson Reuters hire people with disabilities


Watch this 10 minutes video to see how Shell gave job to people with different types of disabilities


Watch this 7 minute interview with a hiring manager of a big IT company.


Step 4 - Get ready for job

Now prepare yourself for the job

You will learn different things which will help you to develop your skills to make you ready for the job
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You will understand more about the real situation in company and what they expect from employees
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Click on this link to prepare yourself for the interview with confidence
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Step 5 - Try job on your own

Getting a job is your responsibility. You can approach companies directly and apply for jobs.

Based on your education and interest, you can search for companies which have already given jobs to people with disabilities.

You can search for jobs on the internet and apply directly. You can visit the following websites to search for jobs: CII Speciality Jobs, EnAble India, Monster and Naukri.

Enable Academy will inform you about job fairs. Share your information here.

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