Initiative of Disability NGOs Alliance; Mission 1000; 1000 Opportunities. 1000 Lives. 1000 Days. For Persons with Developmental, Severe and Multiple Disabilities. Owned by Companies | Driven by Disabilities NGOs Alliance | Led by Enable India
455 persons with severe, developmental and multiple disabilities benefited
The candidates could choose from 749 opportunities provided by 20+ companies. 
Salary upto Rs. 2,70,000 p.a.*

*20 persons with intellectual disabilities, Down syndrome, deafblind, cerebral palsy out of 455 candidates, in mainstream companies.

13 Job Roles opened up in  8 sectors
Job Roles include office admin, café management etc.
Sectors: BFSI, F&B, Hospitality, Retail, Manufacturing, IT, ITES, Non-Profit.


Mission1000 Opportunities & Stakeholder Map.  Zoom or Click Icons to see more!


“I am supporting my family” – Naveen, Housekeeping Exec, ANZ Bank  Person with intellectual disability and psychosocial disability; “Toushit looks forward to work and takes responsibility for his tasks. He has gifted me a mobile phone.” –Toushit’s mother   Toushit, Kitchen Assistant, Mitti Café. Person with Downs Syndrome; “I tell parents Mission  1000 is the answer to their worries about their children’s future” – Meenakshi, Coordinator, Bubbles Centre for Autism, NGO

Mission 1000 Leaders

ANZ, Cafe Coffee Day, Hatti Kaapi, DELL EMC, Sun ITES, VInayas IT, Hotel Lalit Ashok, Enable India, Diya Foundation, Seva In Action, Ashada Foundation, Win Vinaya Foundation, SSA, Antharbhaava, Craftizen, Amogh

Power of the Collective


Develop: 280+ Candidates Developed through 9 NGOs and 7 Companies

Persons with severe disabilities developed through multiple exposure and training opportunities in employability and domain skills.

Incubate: 150+ Candidates* Incubated through 6 NGOs and 9 Companies; Rs.45 Lakhs of production order

Persons with severe disability incubated in sheltered workshops towards developing skills for mainstream employment.

*Every Rs. 30,000 worth of products sold equals opportunity for 1 candidate

(3 months salary as minimum wages)

Employ: 20+ Candidates Employed with the help of 5 NGOs, 9 Companies, 3 Job Coaches and 13 Para Job Coaches*

People with severe disabilities employed and contributing to their families and to the economy.

*Para job coaches are company staff whose capacity is developed to mentor/coach candidates employed in companies.


Impact of Mission1000

This video shows the impact of Mission1000 on various stakeholders in the ecosystem

Coffee Table Book

Includes case studies of persons with developmental, severe and multiple disabilities who are contributing to their families, companies and society at large.

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Change Agents

These videos show companies who have taken the step towards change, their journey, and experience by gainfully engaging persons with developmental, severe and multiple disabilities.


This kit contains videos of persons with developmental, severe and multiple disabilities employed in various sectors.


Disability Anthem presented by Shankar Mahadevan and Shankar Mahadevan Academy in support of mainstreaming and providing training for employment of persons with disability.

Persons With Intellectual Disability Engaging in Various Livelihoods

The focus of this video is on Persons with Intellectual Disability working in various sectors and the way they have got trained by NGOs and Employers to do the jobs they do.

Persons with Severe Disabilities engaging in Livelihoods

This video shows persons with developmental, severe, multiple psychiatric disabilities contributing to family, society and companies.