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Step 1 - What do companies feel about hiring persons with disability?

Do you know why companies hire persons with disabilities? Do you know what solutions can be used in the workplace? These videos will help you understand experience of different companies in giving jobs to persons with disabilities, jobs available in different sectors and company expectations.

Watch this 10 minute video to see why Thomson Reuters hire people with disabilities


Watch this 6 minute video to understand how Total Mall enabled persons with disabilities with the right solutions


Listen to this 12 minute audio to understand what company expects from you


Step 2 - Know jobs done by Visually Impaired

Did you know visually impaired are working as MIS executives, network engineers, HR consultants and more?

Watch this 1 minute video to gain awareness on some jobs done by visually impaired.

Persons with visual impairment are in 183 jobs across 20+ sectors working in 600+ companies

Persons with visual impairment are in 183 jobs across 20+ sectors working in 600+ companies

Listen to these audio files to understand more about jobs done by persons with vision impairment in different sectors.

Listen to Shanti Raghavan explaining employment opportunities for visually impaired


Listen to K. Ramkrishna giving you awareness about jobs in finance sector


Listen to Mrs. AnuradhaMohit explaining jobs in civil services.


Step 3 - Get to know Role Models

Role model journeys will help you understand how to overcome challenges for economic independence and to lead a life with dignity.

Watch this 6 minute video on how Alayna became a counselor


Watch this 5 minute video of Srinivas journey of becoming a service engineer


Prasad in SBI talks of his earlier experience.


Step 4 - Enhance your skills

Extend and expand your skills set to gain dignity and inclusion. For a job, you need to gain certain skills and knowledge such as moving around independently, note taking skills, computer skills, company reality etc.

Listen to Shanti Raghavan, Founder of EnAble India to understand skills and attitude required to become job ready.

Listen to this audio to know the Skills and attitude required to become job ready


To gain awareness about various skills, click on Enhance your skills tutorials.

Step 5 - Apply for a job

Getting a job is your responsibility. You can approach companies directly and apply for jobs.

Persons with visual impairment are in 183 jobs across 20+ sectors working in 600+ companies

Companies that hire persons with vision impairment Based on your education and interest, you can search for companies which have already given jobs to people with disabilities.
Click here to know more

Apply for Jobs

You can search for jobs on the internet and apply directly. You can visit the following websites to search for jobs: CII Speciality Jobs, EnAble India, Monster and Naukri.

Step 6 - Know solutions to enable you at workplace

Learn more about solutions you can use at the workplace.

Watch this 5 minute video to know about solutions used by persons with disabi. . .


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