I want to enhance my attitude and skills - for persons with Physical Disability

I want to enhance my attitude and skills - for persons with Physical Disability

The information on this page has been created by experts who have helped thousands of disabled across 30+ locations in India get jobs and have helped persons with disability in Africa and other countries as well. So go ahead, learn from the experts and gain the awareness! Good luck for your future!

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Attitude Building

Skills are developed with practice. Attitude is harder to develop. But with the right attitude, nobody or nothing can stop you from getting job and respect. After you gain this awareness, it would be best if you join a training program where you will be able to learn, practice and gain confidence along with others

Take responsibility and get experiences

Disability related challenges to work

Does your family expect you to work? Does your family expect you to be responsible? Please see this video and see if this applies to you. If you have not been doing daily responsibilities, it will be difficult for you to go and work with responsibility.

Taking ownership and being responsible

If you have not done daily responsibility, it is not late, you can learn even today. See this video where visually impaired and hearing impaired are carrying out responsibilities for the training program and are learning to be responsible

Impact of being responsible

Understand the importance of taking responsibilities every day. Pradeep who is hearing impaired tells about how he was not responsible when he joined work. He then joined training and learnt the importance of being responsible. Today he works in ANZ Bank and is respected by team and manager

What should you do?

Do more work at home such as paying the bills, going to the bank etc. Do volunteer work at any NGO or for people who need help. Do any work and then ask for feedback on how you could have done the work better. This will help you to understand what you need to improve. See this 3 minute video to understand the impact of volunteer work

Srinivas gaining exposure and experience

See this half minute video where Srinivas who is blind explains the work that he did for Enable India NGO. He explains the impact of the work as well. Srinivas gained a lot of exposure and experience. Thanks to this, he got a job at IBM.

Learning from Project work

Watch this video of Arjun who has hearing impairment on how his project work helped him answer interview questions

Get exposure and range of experiences

Be successful by getting exposure

You will be surprised to know how simple it is for you to compete successfully in the world and do well in your life and job. It starts with small steps like gaining exposure and experiences which you have never had. See this very important video and see if you face a problem of having less exposure too. The examples given are done in our training program. Learn from these examples and make sure you gain the same exposure and get ready to compete in the world!

Learn to take feedback

Understand companies worries and the solution

Most companies are very worried to hire disabled because they feel persons with disability will be very sensitive. This is not true for some people. But it could be true if you have done very less responsibilities and if people have not been frank when you have made mistakes. If they have been over protective with you, chances are that you are not capable of taking feedback. See this video about company’s worries to hire a disabled person and the solution. Apply this solution in your life.

Learn to take feedback

See this video where you see how students with disability get used to taking feedback in training. After seeing this video, please make sure you take feedback and welcome it and learn from it.

Learn to be trust worthy

Understand trust bank

Companies want employees whom they can trust and who are reliable. An employee who is reliable comes on time, works hard, works with responsibility, does not give excuses, does not forget the work given, achieves targets, keeps manager informed on what they are doing etc. See this 4 minute video where visually impaired trainer Moses explains the trust bank concept with an example. Trust bank helps you to be trust worthy

Maintain your trust bank

After seeing this video, we recommend you maintain a trust bank and start understanding yourself. Start tracking your behaviour. See this 2 minute video which shows how students use trust bank between them. All the students shown in the video are now working in top companies

Be flexible regarding your job

Be flexible about salary. Think of learnings

Write your learnings every day. We call it a learning bank. Learning bank only grows and never gets debited. When you do your first job, your salary may be low but if you keep learning, your learning bank will grow. When you have a big learning bank, your experiences and expertise will be more. Your salary will automatically match your experience! Listen to this audio which explains more. By maintaining a learning bank you will be open to any job offered and so you will get many job opportunities.

Learning and experiences improves salary

See this 5 minute video where Srinivas who is physically disabled explains how he learnt from his mistakes. Initially his salary was low. But as his learning bank and experiences increased, and since he had a good attitude, his salary also doubled.

Be flexible if job is far away

It may not be possible to get a job close to your house. When you open your mind to do anything to get a job, you will get more job options. Watch this video and learn about Nagaraj who by traveling 100 kms every day for work, is now respected by his family.

Be flexible to work hard

Work is never fixed amount. Based on the targets or problems, work may increase. See video of deaf manager telling what he did on Bharat bandh day

Don’t give excuses due to your disability

Get ready to do hard work, stress, work with targets and deadlines given by manager and do not give excuses due to your disability. See this 10 minute video of the journey of Ghousia who has no motor function in hands and legs and who works as a project coordinator with deadlines. She has worked nights to do well in job

Interview Skills

Do you know what questions are asked in an interview? Do you know how you should answer the questions? As you prepare to get a job, it is important to understand your strengths and weaknesses and prepare for the interview. The Interview Preparation tutorial has a set of videos to help you understand why companies conduct interviews; learn common questions asked in an interview and how to answer the questions confidently.

Generic Skills building

How good is your English?

You may be wondering if your English is good enough for a job. Listen to this audio to know how much English is required for a particular job.

Secrets to learn good English

You may be going from one English training to another without seeing any improvement. Listen to this audio to know how to improve your English in simple practical ways.

Learn Excel Level 1: Basic Concepts

Order this publication to learn basic concepts in Excel.


Learn Excel Level 2: Apply Basic Concepts

Order this publication to apply basic concepts you have learned.


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