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Step 1 - Upcoming Trainings

Know the schedules of upcoming trainings to develop skills for gainful employment.

Step 2 - Companies hiring visually impaired

IBM, EMC, CISCO, CapGemini are some of the top recruiters of visually impaired.

Step 3 - Connect to helpline

You can contact the Eyeway Helpdesk for Visually Impaired by dialing 1800-30020469. Here, you can get information about educational institutes for VIs, vendors for assistive technology, assistive aid centers, disability ID card issuing centers, government schemes, braille/computer training institutes, placement and employability training institutes and more.

Step 4 - Expert speak

Wondering how to overcome your newly acquired vision impairment? Not able to explain about your low vision status? Want to overcome inclusion challenges? Are you feeling low in confidence because of your disability? If you have any such concerns or doubts tune into our Expert speak and listen to an expert clarify your concerns. Coming soon!

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