Photos of Mask Kiosks

Enable India in partnership with  Wildcraft  opens up  livelihood opportunities for PWD’s across Karnataka and plans  to roll out the same across PAN India.

PWDs will set up Wildcraft kiosks and sell Mask during this Pandemic . They will earn a livelihood based on a commission model where they make money on the numbers of masks they sell during a day.


PWD’s now are trained and enabled to be self- employed and learn  to set up their own stalls. The Project aims to equip the candidates with the skills and attitude needed to become self- employed and  earn livelihood with dignity during these unprecedent tough times.

Hain Taiyaar Hum (हैं तैयार हम) - a campaign by Wild craft now opens up for PWD’s

PWD’s can now join the training at Enable India to gain awareness and get equipped to set up their own stalls. Training is a blended model of classroom based and on the job training which is conducted by a team of experts that focusses on building skills and attitude needed on the job.

Training – 
Every Tuesday and Thursday

Training Duration
8hrs (1 day on site) & OJT – 2 days with peer/job coach

POC’s for candidates
Saravana  –  966 381 0035
Ganesh – 789 291 5776
Enable India – 984 531 3919



PD, Vi ,HI, ID ( candidate mapping based on assessment- support and solutions available)


Anyone can apply -no specific criteria


No bar any person who can communicate with customers to do sales, do the basic money calculation, use solutions to communicate on the job with people and team


Use of computers is an added advantage, navigation on smart phone is needed –

Smart phone

Availability of smart phone with internet needed either with PW D or the person  supporting the PWD