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My Employee Has Become A Person With Disability

Every company has faced the challenge of their employees from CEOs to junior employees getting into accidents or having medical issues which have led to a disability. Please find true case studies on companies that have faced this challenge. The solutions are also listed below.

Case study 1 - Company who has never hired persons with disability

Vir (name changed) was working in research and development at Scholls (Name changed) and was considered a good performer with a good personality. After many years at Scholls, he acquired vision impairment due to a road accident. Post hospitalization, he lost his confidence due to his newly acquired disability. Everything that he could do before was a challenge now. He was not confident to go back to work and took time to adapt. What should the company do with Vir? Scholls was at a loss and had to terminate his services. This is understandable because Scholls did not have awareness on what a person with vision impairment can do.

Case study 2 - Company who has experience in hiring persons with vision impairment

Charan (Name changed) acquired vision impairment while working in senior position in Wasco (Name changed). Charan was working as a senior manager in department in Wasco. He was a good performer in Wasco and has worked for more than number of years. He acquired vision impairment due to some medical condition. As Wasco is an inclusive organization and had already hired people with vision impairment, they were aware of taking necessary actions to retain Charan in the company. What actions did Wasco take to retain Charan in the company and enable him to perform his job?

Solution 1 Re-assign job role for employee

Scholls consulted various NGO’s and learned that it was possible for Vir to re-join them. They conducted job analysis to identify a job role that would be suitable for Vir. After Vir demonstrated his skills, he was formally interviewed and re-enrolled. Vir was then oriented to his workplace to ensure that he was able to move around independently. Peer sensitization workshop was conducted to acquaint the peers with Vir’s condition and also provided vir with the platform begin interaction with his new found confidence. Post placement counselling and periodic follow ups were done to ensure successful career for Vir

Solution 2 Retain the employee on same job role and enable with feasible solutions

Wasco After consulting NGO experts, referred Charan to rehabilitation expert to undergo vision assessment. This exercise helped in understanding the nature of his vision impairment, his functional challenges and suitable solutions to overcome them. After job analysis was conducted it was identified that with the help of few simple solutions he could continue working in the same position. Charan was then sent for a short-term computer and mobility training program. This was supplemented with on the job training and charan enjoyed a successful career.

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