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Step 1 - How to plan for interview?

Planning for interview means what documents to take, how to answer questions and how to behave in interview.

Watch this 2 minutes video to know what expert tell about planning for interview.


Step 2 - What body language must have in interview?

When you have good body language, company manager think good about you and give respect.

Watch this 5 minutes video to learn what is good body language.


Step 3 - How to answer interview questions?

Learn how to answer questions in interview by watching these videos.

Learn how to Tell about yourself


Learn how to answer Why you want this job?


Learn how to answer Why you want to work in this company


Learn how to answer How much salary you want?


Step 4 - What is important to know about company?

Before you apply for job, you must know about company. This helps you to know if you match to company.

Watch this video to understand why some companies have different work timings.


Watch this video to understand why some companies have office in many places.


Step 5 - Next Steps

Now you got knowledge about interview and company. Now practice to get ready for interview.

Watch this video to remember important points before going for interview

Practice for Interview

DOWNLOAD this file and practice for interview.

How to Make Resume

Learn how to make resume.
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