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Step 1 - Do you have problem in job?

Do you find hard to communicate with hearing team? Don't worry. Many have the same problem.

Watch this 2 minutes video to know about common problems at work.


Step 2 - See how other deaf solve problem at work

Every problem has solutions. Learn from the video how to solve problems.

Watch this 2 minutes video to learn how Rajeev communicates with his hearing team members.


Watch this video to see what Rajeev manager feel about Rajeev.

How to solve communication problem at work

Download this file to learn how to solve communication problems at work.

Step 3 - Why hearing people feel hard to communicate in sign language?

Do you know hearing people use different languages like Hindi, Kannada, English to communicate?
Hearing people are more comfortable to communicate by speaking.

Why hearing people find hard to use sign language

Download this file to understand problem hearing people have to use sign language.

Step 4 - How can I solve problem?

You can solve your problem if you take responsibility of that problem.

Why important to tell manager about work?

Download this file to understand why it is important to keep manager informed about work.

Professional behaviour in company

Download this file to learn professional behaviour in company.

Watch this video to learn different solutions for communication at work.


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