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Learn Work Ethics Level 1

As an employee, you have been given a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow in your career. In order to be a responsible and efficient employee, you must develop the right attitude about your work. A good employee always has integrity, and has good work ethics. This series of audio plays will teach you the importance of work ethics, and how it can impact your work life. This tutorial will be useful for freshers, and those at the early levels of their career.

This is the first tutorial in the Learn Work Ethics module, which comprises of three separate tutorials. This series is also available as a short course on Enable Academy, if you wish to hold an online assessment for the module. It is also available as a publication, in case you wish to hand it out, or hold a real-life assessment. To get the publication, you can place your order here. Some of the audio files in this tutorial are also part of the Company expectations and reality tutorial.


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