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Learn about the skills and attitude required to perform well, be respected by the team and be successful in your job. This will be useful for a person working in any job role in any sector.

Employability training aims to make a person employable. This primarily includes building the right skills and attitude for getting, staying and growing in a job. Core Employability Training which focuses on skills and attitude required for a person to be successful in a job – these are qualities common across job roles and sectors.

Skills and Attitude Required for Jobs course is part of Module 4: Get Ready for Workplace in the Core Employability Framework to become employable.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand work ethics to be followed in a company
  • Learn skills and attitude required for each job
  • Learn about the do’s and don’ts in a work environment
  • Introduction
Skills and Attitude Required
  • Professional Ethics
  • Understanding Job and Role
  • Understanding Expectations
  • Performance
  • Deliver Tasks
  • Rules and Discipline
  • Rules and Compliance
  • Rules and Policies
  • Relevance of Big Picture
  • Process
  • Confidentiality
  • Reflection