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Policies and procedures

Assess where your team or company is in its journey for hiring and inclusion of persons with disability. To scale and sustain inclusion, look at sustainable practices to maintain focus. Look at hiring and inclusion strategies where different models will help you increase and retain people with disability in your workforce. Policies and procedures at a company level are the critical final step to ensure long term sustenance of your agenda for people with disability.

  1. 1
    Include in company’s strategic vision and mission
  2. 2
    Have an assigned budget

Step 1 - Include in company's strategic vision and mission

Formulate a specific policy for hiring employees with disabilities. Initiate special projects or partnerships to encourage the training, employment and/or workplace integration of disabled persons.

Have a mission statement or target regarding the number of disabled employees, types of disabled employees or number or accessible job roles you would like to have in your organization within a given period of time.

Step 2 - Have an assigned budget

Having pre-assigned budgets for various functions ensure smooth and effective functioning of procedures involved in PWD hiring and inclusion. IBM has created a budget policy for reasonable accommodations, which allows managers of persons with disabilities to procure assistive devices for their employees with disabilities. Allocating a budget removes hurdles for hiring managers, and ensures employees are enabled successfully. Capgemini their existing policy to enable employees with disability to use the services of a counselor and get adjusted in their jobs. Mphasis, which had an existing practice of providing loans for the purchase of two wheelers to their employees, extended this loan to allow employees with disabilities to purchase assistive aids and devices.

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