Dr. L. Subramani: Media & Journalism

Listen to Dr. L.Subramani talk about careers in media and journalism.

Jobs For Blind In Finance

Hear how Mr. L. Ramakrishna, the first blind post graduate in MMS, shares interesting roles in the finance sector like financial journalism, investment banking, etc.

Mr. Dyson Sambry: Health & Fitness

Listen to Mr. Dyson Sambry talk about phisiotherapy and related oppurtunities.

Mrs. Anuradha Mohit: Civil Services & Government Jobs

Listen to Mrs. Anuradha Mohit explaining about jobs in civil services.

Ms. Sachu Ramlingam: Social Sector

Listen to Ms.Sachu Ramlingam talking about job oppurtunities in the social services sector.

Employment Opportunities For The Blind

Listen to Shanti Raghavan explaining employment opportunities for the blind.