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The goal of this course is to help candidates to prepare for Aptitude tests that assess reasoning through a set of videos. Several companies in the IT/ITES, Banking and Finance sectors conduct aptitude tests as part of their interview process to test analytical and logical reasoning skills.

This aptitude training is suitable for people with physical disability & cerebral palsy. Many large companies conduct aptitude tests for new joiners. For many people, both disabled and non-disabled, these questions can be very difficult.

This course will take approximately 20 hours from start to finish, and will be available for 20 days.

The videos are created by Professor AK Agarwal, you are welcome to find many more of his aptitude training videos on YouTube.

You do NOT have permission to download or distribute these videos.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Very important to take notes during the videos as there are quiz questions at the end of each module. You will need your notes to be able to answer the questions.

Reasoning Aptitude
  • Family Relation Problems
  • Circular Arrangement Problems
  • Dice Problems
  • Ranking or Position in a row
  • Coding and Decoding
  • Square table arrangement
  • Logical puzzles
  • Logical reasoning
  • Direction sense
  • Reasoning aptitude
  • Cube
  • Linear arrangement
  • Data interpretation – line graph
  • Data interpretation – pie chart
  • How many triangles
  • Syllogism