Collage of 3 innovations - ME2Genie for making events inclusive, 123 listen for visually impaired to listen to computer and telephone simultaneously, spelling tool.

Innovation Lab

Assistive technology plays a critical role in the lives of people with disabilities. Without assistive technology, 77% of persons with disability would be unable to: “take care of themselves, hold meaningful employment or leave their home to attend social gatherings.”

Source: Witeck-Combs Communications/Harris Interactive, 2005

The Assistive technology gap

The innovation lab is a collaborative platform to work across government, business, philanthropy, research centers, non-profit organizations and citizens. This is a platform to achieve significant and lasting social change in creating inclusive environments and assistive technology products.

The aggregator platform is setup at two entities

The Solutions Factory or Engine, which drives the

The Marketplace for Accessibility needs, where the solutions reach to the end user. This is similar to the online retail marketplace, expect here instead of products the consumers shop for accessibility solutions. When solutions are not available or are not suitable, this is fed back to the Solutions factory as a new requirement.