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This course will help you understand yourself and disability better, through self-reflection. You will also get an overview of the kinds of challenges, solutions and journeys that persons with disability have. 

This course will take approximately 2 hours from start to finish, and this course will be available to a student for two weeks.

Take this course on disability awareness if you want to:
1. Do better in your own work by understanding abilities and inabilities, and finding solutions to your own challenges.
2. Respect one’s own journey and respecting journey of a person with disability
3. Realize that everyone is equal.
4. Become aware and thankful for solutions
5. In the process, apply the same to persons with disability (respect persons with disability, find solutions to include PWD, treat PWD as an equal and expect the same)

Disability Awareness Course
  • Introduction
  • First steps to inclusion
  • Everyone has a journey
  • We all use solutions
  • Everyone has abilities and inabilities
  • Conclusion
  • Takeaways
  • What can I do next?