Follow these steps to get involved with Enable Academy’s volunteering movement to empower persons with disability across the nation.

  1. How do I volunteer?
  2. Find your local volunteering group
  3. Participate
  4. Initiate
  5. Give back
  6. FAQs

Step 1 - How do I volunteer for persons with disability?

Meet Gumbo the panda. Gumbo was the first volunteer to register for Enable Academy, but she did not know anything about volunteering or disability! She took a short course to understand how to be a part of the movement – and now he wants to take you through the same thing!

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Join Gumbo’s clan here.
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Step 2 - Find your local volunteering group!

Now that you’ve learnt about inclusive volunteering – sign up to be a part of Gumbo’s clan in your city! You will get information about volunteering opportunities in your cities – via WhatsApp or email.

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Fill in this form to be a part of our volunteer network. Meet Gumbo and others just like you with our volunteer meet-ups. This is also where missions are planned and the world is changed.

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Step 3 - Participate!

Volunteering is a responsibility that we must all share. Download this resource to see an easy checklist to ensure you are completely a part of the movement.

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Download the task checklist to be a Champion of Disability

Step 4 - Initiate

Take volunteering to the next level!

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Fill this coordinator form to lead events to empower persons with disability. Become a champion of disability in your city!
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Step 5 - Give Back

Talk to your company HR about hiring persons with disability ‐ Click Here

Encourage your friends and family to become a volunteer champion ‐ Click Here

Put up awareness posters in your company / college notice board ‐ Click Here

Step 6 - Frequently Asked Questions

As seen in the video, you can communicate based on what the person with hearing impairment knows. It is similar to you talking in the language which a hearing person is familiar with. The different ways of communicating include sign language (Indian or American), writing in simple English, using gestures and acting and showing a demo instead of communicating.

Learn the basics of ISL with this short course.

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Learn the basics of ASL with this short course.

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People with vision impairment acquire their disabilities through a variety of ways. It can be from birth, or acquired at any point in their lives – because of medical conditions, accidents, genetic factors and lifestyle factors. Not all types of vision loss can be treated medically.

Watch this video to understand the different types of vision loss.


The two primary ways that persons with vision impairment use computers – with magnifiers and screen-readers. Screen reader software (like JAWS and NVDA) provide audio output for what is seen on the monitors.

Watch this video of a person with vision impairment working on computers.